Monday, January 6, 2014

Last Crusade

Last Crusade
          Intro:             C /Em/ F/ C/  Dm/ G/ C/ F C
Verse 1:
C                 Em                        F                    C
I was only 16 when I met with Billy Dean
           Dm                          G
And I asked him for some work
               C                               Em                   F                      C
He said, “Boy, you’re looking clean and you don’t look any mean
       Dm           G                     CFC
But I’ve been fooled before.”
           C                         Em                         F                        C
So we robbed a dozen banks before we hit up that train
               Dm               G
On that awful bloody day
       C                                Em                 F                   C
The train was filled with gold and the Pinkerton payroll
                 Dm                   G                               CFC
We were jumpin’ in our boots needless to say

Chorus 1:
             C                          F
To Mexico, boys, to Mexico
          Dm                                              G
We’ll get ourselves a profit, and we’ll divvy up the dough.
                 C                                                         F
And we’ll finally find some sanctuary from the judgment and the cold
           Dm                                          G                    CFC
We’ll build a place of our own way down in Mexico

Verse 2:
           C                         Em                    F                       C
So we jumped in the caboose, and we took up all the loot
                Dm                           G
It was so easy we couldn’t believe
         C                         Em                       F           C
Then out jumped the men; they were all Pinkertons
                 Dm                G           CFC
And they chased us into the trees
         C                         Em                       F           C
They shot Billy in the back;  you could hear that pistol crack
            Dm                G
At the tail end of twilight
              C                       Em                F                      C
And we jumped on our mounts and headed for the south
          Dm                  G        CFC
With sand burning in our eyes.

Chorus 2:
             C                          F
To Mexico, boys, to Mexico
               Dm                                         G
We can forget all of our troubles, tribulations, and sorrows
                C                                                              F
When we hit those dusty border towns, we’ll all split up the gold
Dm                                         G                            CFC
All of our dreams will come true down in Mexico

Play Verse Chords once thru

Verse 3:
           C                             Em                   F                      C
Them Pinks were getting close, so we all jumped in a boat
                                       Dm                                                                    G
We checked the wind; we checked the sea and we set sail.
       C                     Em             F                      C
The boat caught a hole so we all split up the gold
          Dm                        G                 CFC
And I headed down to Mexico myself.

Chorus 3:
             C                           F
To Mexico, boys, to Mexico
             Dm                                                     G      
Cheap livin’ and cheap thrills seems such a way to go
             C                                         F
And I’ll live out my days growing dusty, growing old
          Dm                       G     
In the wild landscape called
         C                              F
Mexico,  boys, Old Mexico!
     Dm                                         G     
A hundred thousand pleasures that you’ll never know
                  C                                                         F
You might find yourself in Montreal or San Diego
          Dm                                       G           CFC
But nothin’s quite as beautiful as Mexico!


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